Adapter cable set plus for Audi music interface

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Art.-No. 4F0051510AK

Adapter cable set plus with Apple licence chip, consists of two connection cables to connect an iPod/iPhone with docking connection or a data carrier with USB connection type A. The Apple licence chip supports the following additional functions: - CoverArt (display of covers stored on iPod/iPhone) - Browsing within iPod/iPhone video content - Playback of videos, films, video podcasts, music videos Audi-tested and approved models and software releases can be found at: Items supplied: - Adapter cable for Audi music interface for USB (4F0051510Q) - Adapter cable for Audi music interface for iPod with Apple licence chip (4F0051510R) Notes: - Not compatible with iPod shuffle Your Audi Partner will happy to advise you on the specific compatibility of your iPod, radio or navigation system.

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