Adapter cable set plus for Audi music interface with Apple licence chip

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Art.-No. 4F0051510AM

Adapter cable set plus with Apple licence chip, consists of two connection cables to connect an iPod/iPhone with Lightning connection or a data carrier with USB connection type A. The Apple licence chip supports the following additional functions: - CoverArt (display of covers stored on iPod/iPhone) - Browsing within iPod/iPhone video content of Audi-tested and approved types and software releases can be found at: Items supplied: - Adapter cable for Audi music interface for USB - Adapter cable plus for Audi music interface for iPod/iPhone with Apple licence chip Notes: - Only in combination with Audi music interface - Not in combination with MMI 3G, 2G and CAN (radio concert and symphony) Your Audi Partner will be happy to advise you on the specific compatibility of your iPod, radio or navigation system.

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