Running board, left

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Art.-No. 8R0071065A

The stainless steel running boards provide extra comfort. Facilitate attachment of the roof cross member and the storage of items in the roof-mounted ski and luggage box, for example. Rubber pads reduce the risk of slipping. The running boards are part of the Offroad 5 style package, which can be ordered independently of the other style packages. Items supplied: - Running board, left - Retaining bracket - Stone deflector - Fastening kit - Installation instructions - Cutting instructions Notes: - Recommended in combination with running board, right (8R0071066A) - Installation by qualified personnel/specialist workshop is recommended - Only in combination with scissors-type jack - Not suitable for vehicles with the following engine types if the vehicle is equipped with both a towing hitch and panorama glass roof: 2.0 l TDI ML311-6F (105 kW), 2.0 l TDI with SCR DL501-7Q (130 kW) and 3.0 l BiTDI DL 501-7Q (230 kW)

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