Audi Sound plus

for the concert/symphony radio systems and navigation systems

  • RRP*: 2,529.88 AUD
  • including GST
  • Prices may differ between Audi dealers
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Art.-No. 8J0051961

A new sound experience - perfection you can hear.

Audi Sound plus is an upgrade of the sound system already installed in the vehicle. It will noticeably improve sound quality in the interior. The audio system can be easily activated via a switch in the glove compartment. Retrofitting takes place via a practical plug & play solution.

Items supplied:
- 2 x Audi Sound plus emblems
- 2 x treble speakers with installation ring
- 2 x bass loudspeakers incl. adapter ring
- Audi Sound plus amplifier incl. holder
- Debounce kit
- "Concert/Symphony" wiring harness
- Subwoofer housing

- Only in combination with concert/symphony radio systems and/or Audi navigation systems
- Not in combination with BOSE sound system

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*RRP = recommended retail price, excl. fitting + LCT

Prices may differ between Audi dealers.