Decorative trim for the interior mirror

automatic anti-dazzle, brilliant black

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  • Prices may differ between Audi dealers
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Art.-No. 8X0072540B Y9B

Individuality combined with a stylish look

The brilliant black decorative trim for the automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror rounds-off the design accent in the interior and provides a unique touch for your A1.

The coloured interior mirror can be very effectively combined with the same-colour decorative trims for the air vents, door handles and centre console.

Items supplied: 1 item (2-piece)

- Only in combination with automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
- Installation by qualified personnel/specialist workshop is recommended

The image shows the interior mirror decorative trim in chequered flag design.

*RRP = recommended retail price, excl. fitting + LCT

Prices may differ between Audi dealers.