Engine sound system

basic package for diesel and petrol engines

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Art.-No. 8V0071901

The innovation with built-in aha effect.

The two actuators of the engine sound system sustainably intensify the typical engine sound, one actuator is integrated into each end silencer of the exhaust system. They basically work like a loudspeaker membrane in that they modulate certain sound frequency's which are specifically tuned to the driving situation. The electronic regulation is via various technology packages which connect the engine sound system to the onboard electronics. This progressive solution amplifies the natural engine sound again: an impressive and authentic sound is produced. The intensity can be controlled by the driver via the Audi drive select® driving dynamics system, if fitted. The fitting of the engine sound system does not influence the emissions values of the vehicle.

Items supplied:
- 1x sound actuator
- 1x extension plate
- 3x washers
- 3x M6 x 35 hexagon bolts
- 1x M8 x 25 hexagon bolt
- 1x blind rivet nut
- 1x wiring harness
- 1x control unit
- 1x holder for control unit incl. fitting material
- 1x information sheet

- Can only be used in combination with engine sound system extension package
- For models without Audi drive select, the Audi drive select must be retrofitted beforehand (8V0063765 or 8V0063765A or 8V0063765B)
- Installation by qualified personnel/specialist workshop is recommended

The image shows a visualisation of the engine sound system on an Audi A6 Avant.

*RRP = recommended retail price, excl. fitting + LCT

Prices may differ between Audi dealers.