V-design film set

glacier white, metallic

  • RRP*: 857.99 AUD
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  • Prices may differ between Audi dealers
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Art.-No. 8XF064317  S9R

Individual performance guaranteed - with the V-design decorative film.

The metallic glacier white decorative film is stretched over the rear area of the roof arch and the shoulder line. The set of films accentuates the look of your Audi can be combined with the interior decor trim, rear decor film, exterior mirror covers or the style package in contrasting colour for outstanding results.

- Installation by qualified personnel/specialist workshop is recommended
- Not suitable for vehicles with exterior colour: Amalfi white, glacier white and Cortina white
- Only suitable for vehicles with roof arch in vehicle colour or blackened panoramic glass sunroof
- Not suitable for vehicles with exterior paintwork with roof arch in contrasting colour

*RRP = recommended retail price, excl. fitting + LCT

Prices may differ between Audi dealers.