The Audi tracking assistant pursues one goal - the location of your Audi

The Audi tracking assistant plus offers you the following functions:
- Locating vehicle via GPS
- International communication via GSM
- Triggering alarm when separated from main battery
- Internal back-up battery
- Automatic self-diagnostic check
- Europe-wide coverage and interaction with police via Service Operating Centre
- Transfer of information regarding vehicle location
- Independent vehicle tracking by Service Operating Centre
- Automatic driver identification via driver card, independently of vehicle key
- Alarm activation in case of unauthorised vehicle movement, disconnection of main battery or manipulation of control unit.
- Restart obstruction

Prerequisite for vehicle:
Factory-fitted interface for tracking systems

- Only in combination with basic package for Audi tracking assistant plus
- Only in combination with the GPS mount on models with towing hitch

This image shows a visualisation of the Audi Tracking Assist.

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  • R8 Coupé (2013-2015)
  • R8 Coupé (2007-2012)
  • R8 GT Coupé (2011-2012)