Optional tracking system to quickly locate a stolen vehicle.

The driver card is an electronic component that the driver should always carry, independently of the use of the vehicle key (or connect key). They are therefore recognised as an authorised person.

The driver card must be adapted to the vehicle so that the card can be used. This learning is carried out by an Audi partner using the vehicle diagnostic tester. This configuration can only be carried out after the main user has entered the necessary data for the Audi theft locating system in their myAudi account. All the driver cards belonging to the vehicle must be present for the adaption a driver card.

Items supplied:
2 driver cards
Info sheet

Available as of the 1st quarter 2018.

Only in combination with Audi connect theft locating system including driver card (712).
The optional Audi connect theft locating system including driver card (712) requires the driver card in order to guarantee all the functions. The Drivercard (4N0 051 077) must be ordered separately through Audi Genuine Accessories.

The learning (activation) of the Drivercard can only be carried out by your Audi partner.

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  • A6 Saloon 2019
  • A6 Avant 2019
  • A7 Sportback 2019
  • A8 2018
  • A8 L 2018