Practical smartphone networking for integrated navigation, communication and entertainment in the vehicle.

The Audi smartphone interface connects your smartphone with your Audi and brings the smartphone contents directly and seamlessly onto the display of the MMI via the USB. Navigation, telephone system, music and selected third-party apps can be conveniently controlled via the MMI controller as well as the voice control system of your smartphone. Includes Audi music interface.

Please check the compatibility of your smartphone with the manufacturer of the phone.

Items supplied:
  • Activation document
  • USB socket and wiring kit

  • Suitable for Audi A4 with MIB2 high Scale or MIB2 high
  • Suitable for Audi A5 with MIB2 high Scale or MIB2 high
  • Suitable for Audi Q5 with MIB2 high Scale or MIB2 high
  • Only available in combination with Connectivity package or MMI navigation or MMI navigation plus with MMI touch
  • The smartphone manufacturer or the app provider is responsible for all the contents and functions displayed by the Audi smartphone interface

Article no.:


  • A4 Saloon 2016-2019
  • A4 Avant 2016-2019
  • A4 allroad quattro 2017-2019
  • A4 Avant g-tron 2017-2019
  • S4 Saloon 2017-2019
  • S4 Avant 2017-2019
  • RS 4 Avant 2018-2019
  • A5 Coupé 2020
  • A5 Coupé 2017-2019
  • A5 Sportback 2017-2019
  • A5 Cabriolet 2020
  • A5 Cabriolet 2017-2019
  • A5 Sportback g-tron 2017-2019
  • S5 Coupé 2017-2019
  • S5 Sportback 2020
  • S5 Sportback 2017-2019
  • S5 Cabriolet 2017-2019
  • RS 5 Coupé 2018
  • RS 5 Sportback 2019
  • Q5 2017
  • SQ5 2017