Enhance the transportation options with a detachable towing hitch.

The detachable towing hitch offers versatile use possibilities. Apart from the coupling of trailers etc. rear transportation systems can also be used such as the bicycle carrier. The detachable towing hitch is supplied with the electrical installation kit and ball coupling. When not in use the ball coupling can be stowed in the interior of the vehicle or in the luggage compartment.

Items supplied:
  • Detachable towing hitch
  • Electrical installation kit

  • We recommend that installation is carried out by a specialist workshop
  • Please observe the information reference the maximum drawbar load and the permissible total weight of your model in the vehicle documents or in the Owners manual

The figure shows the product on an Audi Q3.

Article no.:


  • e-tron (since 2019)
  • e-tron Sportback (since 2020)
  • e-tron S (since 2021)
  • e-tron S Sportback (since 2021)