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The perfect Audi child seat.

To ensure the best in safety for your little ones in the car, choosing the right child seat is essential. Therefore, there are three types of seat depending on age and weight: the Audi infant carrier, Audi child seat and Audi child seat youngster. The littlest ones up to 15 months of age or a height of 45–80 cm can travel safely in the infant carrier. The Audi child seat is suitable for children between nine months and three-and-a-half years of age or a height of 61–100 cm. For older children between four and 12 years, the youngster plus and youngster advanced child seats are suitable. Every child car seat meets all requirements of the ECE-R 44/04 safety standard and is available in two colours. Discover the perfect child seat now at Audi Accessories.

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