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Audi drive select allows the driver to flexibly and individually electronically adapt vehicle components according to the driving situation, road conditions or personal penchants. The character of your Audi can be changed by adapting the steering assistance, accelerator and gear shift characteristics which may also affect other optional equipment. Apart from the modes comfort, auto, dynamic and optionally efficiency, the system also has the mode individual in combination with a MMI radio or MMI navigation system plus with MMI touch. The country and engine specific available mode of efficiency sets the engine, automatic gearbox, air conditioning and optional equipment such as adaptive cruise control/cruise control system to a fuel efficiency setting.

- Please note that the activation of the Audi drive select can only be carried out by an Audi dealership
- A model specific switch strip must be additionally ordered from Audi Genuine Parts

Notes reference efficiency mode:
- The efficiency mode is not available on models with following engines: 1.0 TFSI, 1.6 TDI
- The efficiency mode is not available for countries: USA, Mexico and Canada

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  • Q2 (since 2017)
  • SQ2 (since 2019)

Model selection

Model selection

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