Imposing sportiness:

Complete wheel in 5-spoke Facet design with Dunlop SP Wintersport 3D AO winter tyre.

Wheel rim details
Rim size: 7 J x 16
Wheel bolt circle: 112/5
Wheel offset: 35 mm
Authorisation for snow chains: yes

Tyre details
Tyres: Dunlop SP Wintersport 3D AO
Tyre size: 205/60 R16 92H
Directional tread pattern: right

The complete wheel with left directional tread pattern is available under part number 8W0073636 8Z8.

Your Audi partner will be happy to inform you about vehicle-specific restrictions and TÜV approvals.

only for models with the following engines: 1.4l TSI 110 kW, 2.0l TDI 100kW, 2.0l TDI 110kW, 2.0l TDI 120kW, 2.0l TDI 140kW, 2.0l TDI 90kW, 2.0l TFSI 140kW, 3.0l TDI 160kW, 3.0l TDI 190kW

EU-Tyre labelling
Fuel efficiency: E, Wet grip: E
External rolling noise measured value: 68 dB

More information about EU-tyre labelling: and

Article no.:

8W0073536  8Z8

  • A4 Saloon 2016-2019
  • A4 Avant 2016-2019
  • A4 Avant g-tron 2017-2019

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