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Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue

Audi Shopping World

What is Audi Shopping World?

Audi Shopping World is an umbrella platform that provides direct access to the following areas:

  • Audi Genuine Accessoires

Logging in and registering

I am a new customer, how do I register?

New customers first need to register (“Register now”) by completing the corresponding form and answering the questions truthfully. A validation email will then be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link in the email to complete the registration process. If the link does not work, you can request a new confirmation link (“Send new validation email”). Once your registration for Audi Shopping World is complete, you can immediately use your login details to benefit from all areas within the platform. You will need to log in or register if you want to bookmark an item in the Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue. To log in, click on “Sign in” in the top-right corner.


I am already a registered customer, how do I log in?

You can log in and/or register from the Audi Shopping World homepage, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of all shops. Customers who have already registered can log in at any time using their email address and password. Clicking on "Forgot your password?" allows you to change your password by entering your username and email address.


You can enjoy a wider range of interesting features, such as myAudi, the e-magazine, the used-car marketplace etc., when logged in. If you have any questions, please contact:


The Audi Genuine Accessoires Catalogue homepage

What will I find on the Audi Genuine Accessoires homepage?

Starting from the homepage, you can navigate to the main categories of Sport & design, Transport, Communication, Family, Comfort & protection and their respective subcategories. The homepage also includes information about the Help page, contact details and the legal notice.


Language selection

Is the Audi Genuine Accessoires Catalogue also available in other languages?

The Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue is currently available in English and Italian. Click on the country code in the top-right corner above the sign-in button to change the language. Doing so will change the entire catalogue, including the animations, product descriptions, Terms & Conditions and the legal notice, to Italian.


Personal area

What can I do in my personal area?

Under “My data”, you can view your password and account settings, and change these where necessary. You can access these areas directly from the Audi Shopping World homepage. Please note that your password must contain a minimum of six characters, one special character and one digit. You can bookmark your favourite products on the product description page and/or recommend them to friends.


Product search

How do I search for certain products?

There are various ways to search the catalogue. A selection of potential products or categories are listed below the text field. You can also enter the item number, which will take you directly to the corresponding product, or you can enter a specific search term. The listed matches can be sorted by price, product name or item number. The advanced search allows you to apply filter categories to your search.


Contact form

Who do I contact if I have questions?

In the event of questions, requests or suggestions, please use the contact form below the Service & info menu option on the homepage. Select the relevant query type and enter your personal details; your query will be dealt with promptly. You can select from the following query types:
General query
Product query
Orders and deliveries
Warranties and repairs
Technical problems
Suggestions & criticism

Who do I contact in the event of technical problems?

Please use the contact form and enter “Technical problems” in the subject line to report technical problems with the shop. We will try to rectify the fault as quickly as possible, contacting you if required.



Do the quoted prices include VAT and shipping costs?

All prices quoted in the shop are inclusive of VAT.


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