Attractive and eye-catching.

Matt black, machine polished cast aluminium wheels in 5-spoke falx design are a special eye-catcher that consequently accentuates the dynamic design. Wheel specifications Wheel size: 9 J x 20 Wheel offset: 34 mm Wheel bolt circle: 112/5 Snow chain compatible: no Colour: matt black, machine polished, Warning! The steering angle must be limited for this wheel/tyre size. Note the instructions in the fitting instructions. Check the function of the steering after completion of all work. Note fault memory entries when doing this. The respective SVM code is exclusive for this product and has been tested and is usable for this derivative. When fitting, we recommend using the hub cap for light alloy wheels (service part number 4M0601170B LT7) as well as the cleaner set (part number 00A096327) for the care of the wheel rim.

The rim is not authorised for rough road countries. Please refer to the rough road country list. Further information concerning rough road countries / rough road countries with customer information is available from your Audi partner. Pay attention to the road conditions and adapt your driving style accordingly. Poor road conditions can adversely affect the comfort and the driving behaviour of models with cast aluminium wheels. Only available in combination with rear flaps with part number 8W6 853 817/818. Additionally front flaps with part number 8W6 853 717 are required in Japan. In addition 4 clips with part number 8R0 853 585 are required in total to secure both front flaps. Only in combination with the 620 ml Tire fit bottle (part number 8R0012619A) (the tool box for the stowage of the 620 ml bottle will be available as of production week 45/2017, therefore the wheel will only be available as of this date). Tyre is not included in the items supplied. Wheel bolts are not included in the items supplied. Please use the existing series wheel bolts. Your Audi partner will be happy to inform you about vehicle-specific restrictions and TÜV approvals. Please refer to the relevant notes in the Guide to Wheels and Tyres. Special features of wheel rim: machine polished, polished or galvanised chrome wheel rims may not be used in winter conditions. The wheel rim surface does not have sufficient protection against corrosion and could be damaged by road salt or similar.

Article no.:

8W0071490A LT7

  • A5 Coupé 2017
  • A5 Sportback 2017
  • A5 Cabriolet 2017
  • S5 Coupé 2017
  • S5 Sportback 2017
  • S5 Cabriolet 2017

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