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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on many different topics here.


General information

What is Audi Shopping World?

Audi Shopping Worldis an umbrella platform that provides direct access to the following areas:

What information can be found on the Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue homepage?

Starting from the homepage, you can navigate to the main categories of Sport & design, Transport, Communications, Family, Wheels & tyres, Comfort & protection and their subcategories. The homepage also includes information about the Help page, contact details and the legal notice. On the homepage you can also use the "Model selection" feature at any time to select a particular model, reset your vehicle selection or load one of your vehicles from your myAudi account.

Is the Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue also available in other languages?

The Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue is currently available in English, German and French. Click on the country code in the top-right corner to select or change the language.


Searching for Audi Genuine Accessories

How do I search for certain products?

There are various ways to search the Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue. Click on the search icon (the magnifying glass) in the top-right corner to open the search bar. You can then enter product names and general words as well as part numbers and item numbers. As you begin to type, a list of potential products or categories will appear below the search bar. Click on “Search” to view the search results page. The listed matches can be sorted by price, product name, date or item number.

How can I find the right accessories for my vehicle?

You can select your desired model by using the "Model selection" feature on the homepage and on the individual category pages of the Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue. If you click on “Select model" and then onto one of the icons, a window displaying the different derivatives (with model year) for each model series will pop up. You can click on your model or select a different model series by clicking on “Change model”. You can also find your model by clicking on “With car documents” and entering your vehicle's chassis number (VIN). If you already have a myAudi account, you can click on “Sign in” in the top-right corner and sign in using your login details. Provided that you have already registered your vehicle with your myAudi account, you can use it to specify the vehicle model you need.

Once your model has been selected, only Audi Genuine Accessories for your specific model will be displayed. You can now search for products through the categories or by searching in the shop.

You can check vehicle compatibility on each product description page on the “Model Usage” tab (to the right of the “Article Description” tab). If you have any questions please contact your Audi Partner.

Do the quoted prices include VAT?

The prices in the Audi Genuine Accessories Catalogue Luxembourg are based on the recommended retail price (RRP) from the manufacturer including statutory VAT. Prices from Audi partners may differ.

Can I order products?

It is not possible to order products online.
You can request products from Audi partners using the Audi Partner Search. You can find an Audi partner in your area and request products there.


Customer account

How do I register?

To create a myAudi account, click on “Sign in” in the top-right corner and select “Register new account”. Fill in the form with the correct details and confirm your entries. A validation email will then be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link in the email to complete the registration process. If the link does not work, you can request a new confirmation link (“Send new confirmation email”).

How do I log in?

If you already have a myAudi account, you can log in by clicking on “Sign in” in the top-right corner and entering your email address and password.

What does “My data” mean and how can I use it?

Under “My data”, you can view your password and account settings, and change these details if necessary. You can access these areas directly from the Audi Shopping World homepage.



Do you have any further questions or requests?

In the event of questions, requests or suggestions, please use the contact form. Select the relevant query subject and enter your personal details; your query will be dealt with promptly. You can select from the following query subjects:

  • General question
  • Spare Parts
  • Disruptance
  • Praise and criticism

What do I do in the event of technical problems?

Please report technical problems using the contact form or send us an e-mail to We will try to fix the problem as soon as possible and will contact you if required.

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