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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions on the following topics:


Audi Shopping World

What is Audi Shopping World?

Audi Shopping World is a general platform that provides direct access to the following:

Is the Audi collection Shop available in other languages?

The shop is available in English, as well as in German. Select your language by clicking on the country code at the top right above the cart. When you change the language, the whole shop is displayed in English. This includes the animations and product descriptions, as well as our General Terms & Conditions and legal notice.


Searching for products

How can I search for specific products?

There are a number of search options in the shop. A selection of items and categories is listed right below the search box after entering terms. You can also enter the item number, which will automatically take you to the item, or you can enter a specific search term. The list of hits can be sorted by price, item name and item number. Advanced search lets you apply more criteria.



Do the displayed prices include VAT and shipping?

The prices in the shop include VAT, but do not include shipping.


Wish list

Can I view a product later without searching again?

Use our wishlist if you want to remember items for later and / or recommend them to friends by clicking on "Add to Wishlist" on the item details page. To access the wish list, registration in the Audi Shopping World is necessary (see Login & registration). If the login takes place later, the articles still remain on the wish list.


Login & registration

I am a new customer. How do I register?

If you already have a myAudi account, you can use it to log in to the Audi Shopping World by using your email address and password. You can log in to all our shops from the Audi Shopping World homepage or on the website of the Audi collection Shop by using the "Sign in" button at the top right corner. As a new customer, you can register ("register now") by completing the relevant form truthfully. You will then receive a validation email to the email address you provided. To complete the registration, please click on the link in the email. If the link does not work, you can have a new confirmation link sent to you ("Re-send confirmation email"). Registration in the Audi Shopping World creates a myAudi user account. Once you have registered for Audi Shopping World, you can use the advantages of all areas within the Audi Shopping World with your login data.

What are the password requirements?

To log in, you need a username and a password.

Username: valid email address
Password: at least eight characters

The password must also include the following:

  • At least one of the following three special characters: - (hyphen), _ (underscore), . (full stop)
  • At least one number (0-9), but no consecutive numbers (e.g. 123, 6789 or 4321)
  • At least one uppercase letter (A-Z) and at least one lowercase letter (a-z)

I am already registered. How do I log in?

Customers who have already registered can log in at any time using their email address and password. On the homepage of the Audi Shopping World or on the website of the Audi collection Shop, you will find the "Sign in" button at the top right corner.

Other great features that you can access once you have logged in include: myAudi, Audi Sport drivers club, the Audi used car exchange and more. Click here for a form for specific queries.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Click "Forgot password?", where you can enter your username and email address to reset your password.

What is "My Data" and how can I use it?

"My Data" gives you access to your password, your account settings and your order history and lets you change details if necessary. You can open "My Data" right from the Audi Shopping World.



How do I make an order?

After adding products to the cart and clicking on "Checkout", you have three options. If you already have a user account, you can log in by entering your user data and clicking on "Log in" (alternatively you can log in at the top right under "Sign in"). Furthermore, you can register as a new customer (see Login & registration). Registration in the Audi Shopping World creates a myAudi user account.
You can also shop without creating an account. Click on "Checkout" in the shopping cart and then select "Continue without registration" and fill out the form truthfully.

Can I order from abroad?

You can also order from abroad. The ordered articles can be picked up after consultation with our customer service at the Audi Shop in Ingolstadt (address: Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Auto-Union-Straße 1, 85045 Ingolstadt, Germany). After you have placed your order, our customer service will contact you to clarify further details and arrange a pick-up date.


Payment methods

What payment methods do you accept?

The Audi collection Shop accepts the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
    If you pay via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal after you complete your purchase (after clicking "Buy now"). Please wait until you have been redirected back to the shop after payment has been made. Please do not close your browser or open any other website, as this may interrupt the payment process. More information about using PayPal as your payment method is available here.
  • Credit card
    We accept major Visa and MasterCard credit cards. 3D Secure authentication is used when you pay by credit card. 3DS authentication means that credit card transactions are processed very securely on the Internet, using special encryption procedures. You will be automatically redirected to your bank's page after you complete the purchase (after clicking "Buy now"). To complete the order, please follow the steps on your bank's verification page.


Shipping & Delivery

How much does shipping cost?

For orders above a value of EUR 200.00, (Germany-wide) delivery is free of charge. Otherwise, shipping is EUR 6.90 per package within Germany. The shipping costs for your order are displayed in the cart and in the order confirmation email.
Note for orders outside Germany: If your billing and/or delivery address is not in Germany, you can collect your order in person from the Audi Shop in Ingolstadt (address: Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Auto-Union-Straße 1, 85045 Ingolstadt, Germany). There are no shipping costs for orders that are collected. Our customer service will contact you to clarify further details and arrange a collection date.

What countries do you deliver to?

Items are delivered exclusively by companies chosen by Audi Sport GmbH and can only be delivered within Germany. The invoice address and the delivery address must both be in Germany.
Note for orders outside Germany: Please note that for logistical reasons, we can only deliver by post to addresses in Germany. If your billing and/or delivery address is not in Germany, you can collect your order in person from the Audi Shop in Ingolstadt (address: Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Auto-Union-Straße 1, 85045 Ingolstadt, Germany). There are no shipping costs for orders that are collected. Our customer service will contact you to clarify further details and arrange a collection date.

Can I choose a delivery company myself?

Customers cannot select a delivery company.

Can I have my order delivered to a Packstation or a post office?

You can have your order delivered to a Packstation or post office near you. Just specify your preferred Packstation or post office when you place your order by entering the following during checkout under "Delivery address":

  • "Company" field: Please enter your post number here. (This is displayed on the top right when you log in to the DHL website with your login details.)
  • "Street" field: Please enter "Packstation" or "Postfiliale:". (Important: Please make sure you include the colon after "Postfiliale:" in the "Street" field!)
  • "Number" field: Please enter the Packstation number or the branch number here.

More information about flexible parcel delivery is available from DHL. See "Sending to a Packstation" and "Receiving at a post office".

I have received a damaged delivery. What should I do?

Our service provider will handle your orders quickly and carefully and provide a premium service, so that each delivery is delivered in good condition and contains the correct quantity. However, please note that, once you have confirmed delivery, the sender of the goods is not responsible for the contents of the package or for the delivery. Please therefore do not accept damaged deliveries of goods.



How do I return an item?

If you do not want to keep an item, you can return it to us within the 14-day statutory period for returns. All the documents you will need, such as return stickers and cancellation form, are included with the delivery. 

What happens if I want to return my order?

If you return your order, do not cancel the charge with your bank. Credit notes are paid out automatically for returned goods.
You can download the cancellation form at any time from your customer history. Alternatively, you can contact the Service Centre (Audi Sport GmbH c/o Group 7 AG, Eschenallee 6, 85445 Schwaig,, Fax 0180/5003156) and we will send you the form. You can download a sample withdrawal form here.
For more information on returns, please see our General Terms & Conditions.


Disposing of batteries

How do I dispose of used batteries?

Some of our products are battery-operated. Batteries are marked with the applicable symbol. You must not dispose of batteries with household waste. Consumers are required by law to dispose of all used batteries at designated return points, e.g. at public recycling points or the place where batteries are sold. You are very welcome to return batteries you have received from us to our collection points in store or to send them back to us:

Audi Sport GmbH
c/o Group7 AG
Eschenallee 6
85445 Schwaig

Batteries may have one of the following chemical symbols:

Cd (= Battery contains cadmium)
Hg (= Battery contains mercury)
Pb (= Battery contains lead)


Technical issues

Who can I contact if I have technical issues?

Please use our Click here to report technical issues (select "Technical issues" as subject). We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible and will contact you if necessary.
Please see our General Terms & Conditions for more information.


EU consumer arbitration

Audi Sport GmbH is neither willing nor obligated to participate in a dispute resolution process before a consumer arbitration body.

Consumer information according to art. 14 sect. 1 and 2 of the Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013: The European Commission has set up a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR platform) for out-of-court settlement of consumer rights disputes arising from contractual obligations from online sales contracts or online service contracts.

The platform of the EU Commission for online dispute resolution can be found at:

If you have further questions or comments, feel free to use our Click here or send us an email. Our email address is:



+49 (0)180 500 31 55
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Postal address:

Audi Sport GmbH
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