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Audi Tradition
Original spare parts, accessories
and services for your Audi classic

In the Audi Tradition online shop, you will find spare parts, accessories, and services for classic Audi cars and modern-era classics. Discover original Audi parts, accessories such as textiles, books, and miniature models as well as our services for owners of older Audi and Audi predecessor models. Order directly online.
Accessories – New and seasonal Accessories – New and seasonal

Audi Tradition online shop

For Audi fans and owners of the traditional Audi classics

In the Audi Tradition online shop, you will find original Audi spare parts, accessories such as clothing, and miniature models as well as services relating to Audi, DKW, Auto Union, NSU, Horch, and Wanderer four- and two-wheel models. Order spare parts, accessories, and services for your Audi model easily and conveniently online.

Spare parts – originals from the manufacturer

Do you own an older Audi? Are you looking for spare parts for your vehicle? The Audi Tradition online shop offers you original spare parts from the manufacturer as well as custom-fit reproductions. Here you will find the right original part for your Audi classic – from spare parts for the gearbox, engine, or clutch to electrical components, wheels, and brakes. The spare parts are clearly organised according to series, model, and year. Buy your Audi spare parts conveniently online.

Accessories – details that demonstrate passion

The history of AUDI AG is varied and rooted in several initially independent companies. At Audi Tradition, you will find a large selection of accessories with the branding of DKW, Wanderer, Horch, Auto Union, Audi 1, and NSU – a tribute to the model revolutions and milestones in the company’s long history and success story. Collectors and enthusiasts can easily equip their historic vehicles.
For all fans of historic Audi trademarks, we offer the right accessories with details that express their passion for Audi and its predecessors. In addition to textiles with traditional logos, you will find books, DVDs, calendars, and historical stock. We also offer historical Audi models in various miniature scales for collectors. You can easily find many more items related to Audi and its successful past in our Audi Tradition online shop. You can purchase items directly online.

Our service for owners of older Audi models.

We offer various services to owners of older Audi models as well as vehicles of the predecessor brands DKW, NSU, and Auto Union. If, for example, the general operating licence for your NSU Quickly or DKW Hummel has been lost, you can have a copy issued to you here. Information on the technical data of your vintage car or modern-era classic can be found on the vehicle data sheets. You can order documentation of the delivery condition of your car or motorcycle as well as a vehicle identity certificate online.