Attractive and eye-catching.

Complete summer wheels with matt black, machine polished cast aluminium wheels in 5-spoke volsella design are a special eyecatcher that consequently accentuates the dynamic design.

The machine polishing accentuates the contours and enhances the wheel to an even greater degree. The base paint is mechanically removed from the rotational symmetric surfaces so that the aluminium is revealed. Then a clear lacquer is applied.

Wheel rim details
Rim size: 10.0 J x 22
Wheel bolt circle: 112/5
Wheel offset: 21 mm
Colour: machine polished matt black
Authorisation for snow chains: No

Tyre details
Tyres: Continental ContiSportContact 6 AO
Tyre size: 285/40 R 22 110Y XL
Directional tread pattern: no
Tyre with noise absorber 

Wheel bolts are not included in the items supplied. Please use the existing series wheel bolts.

The wheels are supplied fully assembled and balanced. We only use lead-free zinc balancing weights.

We recommend fitting the wheel sensor retrofit kit with tyre pressure sensors for models which have the direct measuring tyre pressure control system.

Only available in combination with rear wheel arch extensions (flaps).

  • Only usable for: 2.0 TFSI (180 kW), 3.0 TDI (155 kW), 3.0 TDI (170 kW), 3.0 TDI (183 kW), 3.0 TDI (210 kW), 3.0 TDI (250 kW)
  • Also suitable for 20 inch ceramic brakes
  • Significant factors reference wheel rim: machine polished, polished or galvanised chrome wheel rims may not be used in winterly conditions. The wheel rim surface does not have sufficient protection against corrosion and could be damaged by road salt or similar

EU-Tyre labelling
Fuel efficiency: C, Wet grip: A
External rolling noise measured value: 75 dB

More information about EU-tyre labelling: and

Article no.:

4M8073122A LT7

  • Q8 (since 2019)
  • SQ8 (since 2020)