Many roads lead to Rome. Find the ideal route with up-to-date maps.

Updates navigation data for Europe and activates user rights for MMI navigation system plus (MIB-2P), no online services.

Items supplied:
  • DVD case with activation document

  • Your Audi partner will be happy to inform you about vehicle-specific requirements
  • The navigation function can only be activated by your Audi partner
  • AUDI AG is neither liable nor responsible for the up-to-dateness of the TMC services. The up-to-dateness is influenced by the service providers in the countries

Article no.:

83A060884P 000

  • A1 citycarver (since 2020)
  • A1 Sportback (since 2019)
  • Q3 (since 2019)
  • Q3 Sportback (since 2020)
  • RS Q3 (since 2020)
  • RS Q3 Sportback (since 2020)