Reliable protection for the footwell and an eye-catcher.

The premium textile floor mats are perfectly shaped to fit the floor of your Audi A3 and are tailored to match its interior. The floor mats are made from hard-wearing and dense velour. The coloured edging band and the Audi A3 lettering create a suitable contrast to the high-quality material. The special, wear-resistant anti-slip tufted backing and attachment to standard fastening points on the vehicle floor assure that the mats are held securely in place and do not slip.

Upper material colour: black
Edging colour: steel grey

Items supplied:
  • 1 set for front (2 items)

  • Suitable only for models with MHEV

Article no.:

8Y1061275A MNO

  • A3 Saloon (since 2021)
  • A3 Sportback (since 2021)