Increased safety and traction during snow and ice.

Comfort class snow chains improve the traction and brake behaviour in winterly conditions. An optimum seating is guaranteed for the authorised wheel dimensions/vehicle types.

Fitting/removal: easy and quick without the use of additional tools

Items supplied:
  • handy transportation box
  • 2 snow chains
  • abrasion protection (for the simple self assembly before using)
  • fitting instructions
  • 1 set of gloves
  • waterproof work underlay

Other product characteristics:
  • reversible
  • no direction of rotation stipulation
  • fulfils the requirements of ÖNORM 5117

  • maximum permitted speed: 50 km/h
  • may only be fitted to the wheels described in the Owners manual for the respective vehicle (front or rear wheels)
  • may only be used on the authorised vehicle types with authorised tyre dimensions

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Article no.:


  • Q8 (since 2019)
  • Q8 TFSI e (since 2021)