Provides even greater dynamics.

The sporty brilliant silver 10-spoke vox design alloy wheel rim with Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850 P AO winter tyre.

Wheel rim details
Rim size: 8.0Jx20
Wheel bolt circle: 112/5
Wheel offset: 39 mm
Colour: brilliant silver
Authorisation for snow chains: no

Tyre details
Tyres: Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850 P AO
Tyre size: 255/45 R20 101V
Directional tread pattern: no

Wheel bolts are not included in the items supplied. Please use the existing series wheel bolts.

The wheels are supplied fully assembled and balanced. We only use lead-free zinc balancing weights.

  • only suitable for model with engine 45 TFSI/2.0 TFSI (183 kW–185 kW), 55 TFSI/3.0 TFSI (260 kW), 2.0 TDI (100 kW), 35 TDI/2.0 TDI (110 kW–120 kW), 40 TDI/2.0 TDI (140 kW–150 kW), 45 TDI/3.0 TDI (183 kW), 50 TDI/3.0 TDI (210 kW), 55 TDI/3.0 TDI (255 kW)
  • please observe the information reference the maximum permissible axle loading (kg) in the Owners manual

EU-Tyre labelling
More information about EU-tyre labelling:

Article no.:

80A073220  8Z8

  • Q5 (since 2021)
  • Q5 (2017-2020)
  • Q5 Sportback (since 2021)
  • Q5 TFSI e (since 2021)
  • Q5 TFSI e (2019-2020)
  • Q5 Sportback TFSI e (since 2021)
  • SQ5 (since 2021)
  • SQ5 (2017-2020)
  • SQ5 Sportback (since 2021)